Sunday, December 2, 2012

WELL ???


Have pancakes , sausage and OJ from the local Lions club at the elementary school???

or make Santa say HOHOHOOOOOO ??

or even make him blush and Chuckle out loud ?

or tie someones shoes for them because they couldn't??

or drive round n round in your car and listen to Christmas music and look for lots of pretty lights?

decorate the banister with all kinds of silliness?

make a room full of raggedies and a special raggedy tree too?

just stretch out and watch the world go by ?

move things round and round for days on end ? to only find out you just may move them again ??

Have an elf in your house ? Give him a name?

marry two pieces of furniture and try to decorate it perfectly ? and then realize it's never as you saw it in your mind ?

find yourself amused with even the simplest of things ??? decorate on lil or no money ?

WELL WE HAVE ...all in 3 days  ...Hope each of you had a wonderful weekend and I wish you a very Blessed Beautiful week ahead ...and until we meet again ...Ill always be ...just a lil raggedy angie ! hugs!


  1. Sounds just wonderful and like a perfect Christmas to me.
    What a great happy smile you have.
    Princess is soo cute.
    Woolie Christmas Love

  2. Giid to see you blogging Angie. Sounds like you and the Princess are staying busy. Do we girls every get things just like we want them? I think not, but everything looks great. Hope you have a great week as well. Hug that beautiful Princess for me.

  3. You had a very full weekend! Especially love your raggedy tree. Enjoy the holiday season with Princess! ~Roberta

  4. Loved this post!! Yep...have done most of them! Ahhhh...Christmas with a young thing in the world! ---Jan

  5. What a wonderful weekend full of memories for your sweet princess.

  6. Great post Angie and yep, done most of once or twice myself...... your decorating is awesome! Have a great week yourself.

  7. Oh, it sounds like the best of fun and holiday happiness! I love the Raggedy Anns of course but now I'm trying to see a closer look at that elf! Is it vintage or did you make it? LOVE it! Happy Holidays!

  8. Hi Angie, I just got your Christmas card. First one of the year. Yours goes to the top of the tree. Thank you so much. That was so sweet of you to think of me. Hugs and Christmas blessings.

  9. Sounds like a wonderful time!! You have been one busy lady & princess.

    Enjoy your week~Becky

  10. Looks like you and Princess had a very special time over the weekend.
    Looks like someone else sure is enjoying laying on that beautiful quilt!! And I have that same it!!

  11. Oh Angie, You and your baby girl have had such fun and excitement. I still can remember a pancake breakfast from my own childhood, so I bet she will, too! Glad you're both feeling much better. XO Sue


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