Saturday, December 1, 2012

Where has time gone ???

I hope everyone had a very Blessed and Wonderful Thanksgiving , Princess and I sure did . Now we are preparing for Christmas ,we have been sick pretty much non-stop since Sept 20... on top of all that I am going to share with you , so I am WAY behind on my sewing ...very lil has gotten made :0( and sooo much has happened ...I just feel some days as if I don't even have time to breathe has taken a huge U turn for us and not so much in a wonderful way , all we can do is push forward and pray for the best !
I hate to be so short but I have to grab a shower ...Princess and I are having breakfast with Santa at school at 9 am then its home to clean a bit and finish decorating . Wishing each of you a beautiful weekend and until we meet again ...Ill always be ...just a lil raggedy angie! hugs!

Princess had Clifford day at school so she had to wear red and shes so excited to go

we had lots of beautiful mums in asst colors

we had a very pregnant praying mantis come visit ...we set her free in granny's yard so she could have her babies and be sheltered in the foliage

we had beautiful harvest sunsets

princess loved watching the combine out the kitchen window

we made Fudge mad dressing him up as the handsome lil devil he is for Halloween

Halloween morning Princess got to have breakfast at school with her papaw for grandparents day ...Fudge tried his best to get to go too

I went to school for the fall parties and helped two classes of kdgtn (50 kids) make bowl filler punkins to take home

Princess sportin her new Halloween shirt

after school we dressed up to trick or treat ...we even marched in a parade
this is the sweetest lil raggedy I have ever seen and she won the costume contest in town she was SOOO excited
me well I got a new hair flower and lots of new grey hairs lol
had new xrays taken of my back ...have since had to have another mri and this week an emg  ...hopefully I will have some news soon
made a few snowmen to take to 3 Olde Hens &  A Rooster for the Christmas Open House and meet & greet with yours truly !
shared a space with my talented mom at Marions 3 annual ECO-Fest 
wasted a whole day watching 4 large bucks during rut in the field behind the house they were out there in the day light and all day long
 ex had shoulder surgery the Monday before Thanksgiving  , while in OR his dad collapsed in waiting room and was transported to Columbus to OSU we brought him home with us to take care of him until he could go back to his parents ...however its been a rough emotionally draining road as he has since ended up in the icu twice now because he developed blood clots in his lungs as a result of the surgery :0(
Princess Thanksgiving Day all dressed up to feed her face ...decides to curtsey
made a few candy canes still have a few available they are $5 a bundle or mix and match any 5 bundles for $20 shipped
and Thursday ...well it rained cows that 's a story all by its self
the holiday decorating is in full swing ...hope to be back soon to share some of it with y'all


  1. Woozers, you are one interesting lady Angie. Enjoy following you on facebook but love when you blog. Loved the cow story. Funny, those poor cows. You take care and enjoy the holidays. Take care of that back, ouch!! Princess is beautiful.

  2. Hello Angie, glad to see you post on your blog. You sure have been busy.
    Princess looks like she is enjoying school with all the activities.
    I hope you have a good time today.
    Country at heart

  3. Angie!!!!! I missed you!!!
    So glad to see your post this morning and loved reading it. I know, go to facebook but do not like it. You and Princess dressed up for Halloween is adorable and I wish you the best. Will you make me a prim snowman head? I will mail you a check.
    ((((Hugs Angie and Princess)))

  4. Oh you have been busy! Princess as raggedy ann so darn cute! I'm not surprised she won,Hopefully life will slow down and you can enjoy the holidays.Hugs!~Amy

  5. `blessings Angie and Ms.P., she is adorable, happy she is doing well at school. hope things get better for you, and healing comes.

  6. Hi Angie~

    Missed you.

    Have a wonderful weekend~Becky

  7. Holy cow, you hav been busy. It was nice to hear from you. Princess is growing right up. She's so cute. I am sorry to hear about all the drama. Hope it's better for the holidays. -Steph-

  8. Well, look what the raggedy cat dragged into Blogland!!! ;o)) SOOO good to see your raggedy face in these parts! Yeah, guess that pretty much sums it up, eh?? What a life! Here's hoping that both our worlds get a little sunnier...and it stops raining cows!! ;o Smiles & Best Hugs ~ Robin (PS - Love the header...Yeah, that's all kinds of good....)

  9. Well look what the cat dragged in finally in blogland! I know you have had some tough times and have everything crossed for a better 2013 for ya! hugs! OLM

  10. Hi Angie!Wow sounds like you have been on a roller coaster ride as well.Will be praying that everything settles down soon.Hugs,Jen

  11. Welcome back...missed you. Hope things get better for you soon. Oh...I made the sunflowers with the chenille that you gave me and they were a big hit at my shows. Thanks so much for sharing it with me.

  12. Love your header Angie. Hope you are feeling better and things start looking up for ya! It looks like you are keeping busy - I hope you keep creating! ~*~Lisa


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