Thursday, January 7, 2016


Good morning  , I hope this post finds you highly caffeinated and ready  to conquer your day !
Today I thought I would share a lil of what I do while I'm spending countless hours lying around .
Yes, of course I catnap here and there ,check Facebook, read a blog or three , and I do a lot of your run of the mill daydreaming , you know the kind...the kind where you stare aimlessly at the wall or a dot or a crack in the ceiling , and  your mind goes in a million directions at once sometimes for long periods of time ! Once in a great while some "grand " scheme or idea comes from all that rambling nonsensical stuff, but most of the time... it's just that ... time wasted on pure nothingness.
Then there are the times DAYDREAMING GETS SERIOUS ....PINTEREST!!!
 I find myself lost deep in thought for hours on Pinterest , since I'm currently unable to "create" at all , I find it to be my saving grace! It's like having bazillions of magazines right at my fingertips and at any given moment my ADHD soul can swipe from one subject to another , it's pure BLISS!
So , while pinning my life away I have found a few "pins" that just continually keep drawing me in , those dream items , you know the kind , the ones you'll most likely never have unless you either win the lottery or find a long lost rich relative has left you their fortune . lol
So, I thought I would share my "untouchable daydream " list with all of you today , keep in mind that I have drastically simplified over the past few years and am very frugal ,am very limited on space and  all of the items on my wish list are not only functional, but I already know exactly where I would put them know ...if  DREAMS really do come true ! :)
So , I'm curious ...what's on your wish list ?
Wishing each of you a fantastic day and I hope you have time to do a lil daydreaming of your own ...and until we meet again ...Ill always be ...just a lil raggedy ...hugs!
I adore this color and all , however ....
I'm torn between this one and the one above ...sigh olde dry sink ...don't want a huge one this is perfect and prefer in original red,or blue paint

LOVE just as it is  ...need I say more

a pie safe , preferably not an overly large one ...both of these are just dandy :) I especially adore that green

and since we are daydreaming ....YES PLEASE ...AND FULL PLEASE :) More than one would be AWESOME!!!Of course Ill put them to great use once they are emptied


  1. I'm a Pinaholic. I can't stop once I'm in there. It's crazy but what can ya do.

  2. Morning Angie...I have caffiene in hand as I sit looking at Pinterest and blogs. I can't get enough of it, so many wonderful things to look at. I daydream about garden ideas and looking forward to the renewal of Springtime.
    Love that drysink!!!!
    Enjoy your day Angie

  3. Ooooo....I try to avoid Pinterest as much as I can..or I could disappear for weeks... I rely on a very good friend to send me the pins she knows I need. ;o) Absolutely adore the wish list items you chose. too.... I'll take one of each as long as we're dreaming. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Love daydreaming on primitive Pinterest boards, oh so much eye candy.Blessings Francine.

  5. My wish would be for a new kitchen someday with a pinning on Pinterest. Janice


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