Wednesday, January 13, 2016


 Good Evening friends , I hope this post finds you well ! Whew , what a day I had here at the homestead . The morning started off with a two hour delay for school due to  below zero temps and poor road conditions on the country roads . Princess let me sleep in a whole 35 minutes later than usual ...WOO HOO !
 I woke very stiff and sore,  but was determined to NOT take my pain meds this morning ,because I don't like to take them when she is home as they make me sleepy ,and  I had big hopes of being able to accomplish a few tasks while she was eating breakfast and getting ready for school and shortly thereafter  , you know ... before the pain got the best of me !
 So I had this brilliant idea that I would do some of my stretches physical therapy had taught me  , that up until this latest problem with my leg/back developed , I did every day, once or twice a day ...maybe loosen me up and allow myself a few extra moments to sit or stand ...UMMM BAD IDEA!!!  First stretch into my brilliant idea and I was SCREAMING and grabbing the door frame for dear life...Needless to say , once I quit crying like the BIG SISSY, that I have apparently become ,  I took my meds and slowly paced the floors, I also decided while pacing to turn a few vintage Valentines ( that I had forgotten about until finding them while prepping for the Princesses party ) into ornies for my year round tree in my bedroom , because I could do that standing up , until Princess left for the bus stop , I then took myself back to bed...sigh !
I layed in bed for about 45 minutes until I got a massive leg cramp , and decided I best get up and walk around , while up I decided to throw a quick coat of acrylic paint on a few wood block/scraps I had before I layed back down . A quick Valentine décor project I thought I might be able to accomplish, as I could do it standing up !I ended up spending the rest of the day in and out of bed , lay down 40 mins, walk 5 ...repeat ...OVER AND OVER ! Needless to say this was one of my worst pain days out of the past few , it is what it is , just gotta keep smiling , making the most of it , and do what I can , every step no matter how small is better than no step at all!
Princess came home from school and I stayed up with her while she did her homework at the table , I stood and worked on myValentine block project and prepped some scrapbok paper for a  project that I thought I could work on while laying in bed, when she left a bit later this evening , you see Wednesday is her Papaw Marks day off and that means "date night " with Granny and Papaw. They pick her up shortly after she gets home from school, she has dinner with them and hangs out until it's time to come home for bedtime , it's her FAVORITE night of the week !
Well there you have it , my chaotic day in a nutshell ! I sure hope these Dr.'s hurry up and find a solution for my pain issue or at least a way to manage the pain , as I'm not one to lay in bed all the time and it's driving me absolutely CRAZY !!! Wishing each of you the sweetest of dreams and until we meet again ...Ill always be ...just a lil raggedy ! hugs

Forgot all about these great Vintage Valentines ...I got them in a swap a few years back from my dear blog friend Lynn ...had planned to use them for adornments for Valentines Dolls , however I think they will make far better ornies

My Aunt gave me this giant roll of cute red/white bakers twine
I took a small hole punch and punched a hole in each card near the top and ran the twine through and tied for the hanger
Here they are on my "new' year round tree hanging out with my prim snowmen( all handmade by talented friends) , I plan to make a few lil hearts to hang on here as well at some point  , health permitting

1. Plain wood scrap blocks, sand 2. Paint all sides with acrylic craft pant of choice 3. Mix up a batch of homemade modge podge (equal parts white glue/water, mix well , store in air tight container) 4. cut pieces of asst. scrapbook paper of choice just slightly smaller than your blocks 5. apply layer of modge podge to back of paper 6. Apply glued paper to block , smooth , wipe off extra glue with barely damp rag7. allow to dry 8. Hand letter , stencil, or use letter stickers and apply to blocks with your saying of choice
TADA! My finished Valentines Blocks
This was the paper project I made while laying in bed , I took 12x12 scrapbook paper cut it into one inch wide strips, folded in half and bent to heart shape , stapled to secure ...makes a cute heart paper chain garland



  1. Wow, despite the pain, you did some wonderful creations! Thanks for that tip about cutting the paper slightly smaller than the block. I think that's where I went wrong in the past.

    That Baker's Twine is so versatile! Christmas, Valentine's, and Fourth of July all spring to mind!

    Love the vintage Valentines. I have a few, too, and need to scan them and post them.

    Stay warm and hope you feel better today.

    1. Thanks for the kind words ...I also will go back over my blocks with modge podge to seal them I just didn't have time or energy . I can't wait to see your Valentines ! Have a great weekend!

  2. Have you tried one of those spinal cord stimulators? They keep pushing for hubs to get one but it freaks him out having a implant. The valentines ornies turned out cute. I used to love getting a box full at school, they remind me of those.Warm Blessings!♥~Amy

    1. Amy, no I haven't and REFUSE too , I know many people that have /had them and have heard NOTHING good about them ! I too loved getting Valentines at school, decorating your shoebox was always so much fun . ~Blessings Angie

  3. Love love your Valentine blocks Angie! I used the red/white and green/ white twine string this Christmas myself. Great idea to use it for hanging on your Valentine tree. I use to keep up a 4 ft tree all year round and decorated for different seasons. You sure were able to get lots done while still being in pain. Was Fudge your creepy kitty? Janice

    1. O Janice,you know me I have to stay busy , I just can't do nowhere nearly as much as I used to. Some days are far better than others . Yes Fudge is my creepy kitty , he's always lurking in the shadows ...have a great weekend hugs Angie

  4. Sounds like you had quite the day my wish you could find some relief from what you have going on.
    I love the old/vintage Valentines! Yikes, did I just say that? I know I'm old and those are the same kind of Valentines we got when I was in school so does that make me Vintage too?! ;)
    The blocks turned out great!
    Hope the weather warms up for ya. Take care.


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