Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Good Morning , it's another single digit cold morning with no snow here in Ohio. I hope this post finds each of you warm, healthy , and happy. I want to THANK all of you that commented on yesterday's post, Your prayers are greatly appreciated and your friendship treasured  ! But PLEASE don't worry yourselves over my health , though it can be very alarming and scary to read , to me  it is just life as I have come to know it . I  take each day as it comes and make the VERY BEST of it that I can , and though good days seem far and few between lately , they do occur and I then get up and attack the day with all I've got ! :)
Yesterday was one of my non-productive days , I walked Princess to the bus stop and had to come home take my pain meds and crawl back in bed ,which is where I stayed until 30 minutes before walking to the bus stop to bring her home ! So since I was in bed , I don't have anything "Exciting " to share , so I thought I would share a few odds-n-ends of randomness and lots of snowmen since we can't make any real ones around here yet this winter , not that I'm complaining.
First, I had a few decent( or shall I say highly medicated ) health days right before Christmas which  was a GREAT thing because in my family we draw names for Christmas and I got my sister Rachel ! Rachel has a new home , and loves prims and snowmen and  since I am pretty much broke all the time , I needed to be able to make her a few things for our gift exchange. So over several days , working at very short intervals , most of which were done standing up , I pushed myself to work through the pain and  I did manage to create a few things , not what I had originally planned , but gifts none the less! I am very fortunate that I have a family that welcomes and encourages thrifted ,repurposed, or handmade gifts , not many  do that ! Does your family have any fun Christmas traditions or how do you handle gifts ?
We also gather with my Aunts family Christmas Eve and do a "white elephant " exchange, which in our family is quite hilarious and can get downright ruthless , but I was also able to create two items for that exchange ,one gift was a small wooden snowman sign with a letter stating that the recipient had just won Christmas Morning Breakfast, a pan of Cinnamon Roll Casserole ready to bake .
I also thought I would share a few of the gifts my sister gave me , she spoiled me rotten ! I got lots of cool scarves, new leggings, gloves too many things to list ! But she did get me a super sweet Belsnickle and painted me a repurposed cabinet door which I absolutely adore !
With the extra chilly weather the past two days, Princess and I have been sipping on lots of hot cocoa , Princess loves LOTS of mini marshmallows. Me , I prefer white chocolate or carmel ...mmmm . What's your favorite flavor?
We have also been doing lots of snuggling under our favorite fuzzy blankets , but once Princess goes to bed blog kitty Fudge crawls in bed with mom and wants to snuggle and have his face rubbed , but the past two nights he's wanted to be extra close...practically laying on my face and wanting to sleep that way all night! The only problem...he won't snuggle unless I lay on my left side ( I know he's a weirdo)  and that's my bad side so I can't stay that way long , so needless to say he is NOT very happy with me as he feels he is being neglected ! lol
Last but not least , we managed to put away most of the Christmas d├ęcor before the birthday party , but I chose to leave the non holiday snowmen out for a bit longer . Do you put your snowfolk away after Christmas ?
I decided after laying in bed so much that I would  also leave out  my lil 4" tree  in my bedroom , it's special to me as it is covered in handmade ornies from all my amazing , talented friends , it sits  in an old nail keg and has multi colored lights . Instead of leaving all the decorations on it, I only left the snowmen and am thinking I will try to just make a few seasonal ornaments for it and leave it out year round or at least until I find me a nice lil twig tree dirt cheap . Do you have a year round tree ? If so,  I'd love to hear where you have it and how you decorate it .
Well , I reckon that's enough rambling nonsense for one post , I appreciate you visiting and until we meet again ...I'll always be ...just a lil raggedy . hugs
I painted this burlap garden flag for my sister's outdoor lamp post

I forgot to take pics of anything after they were complete , but this was a board I painted for my sister to hang or sit , before I stained it

this is also in progress photo , but this snowman was a white elephant gift and in between the stars I drilled holes and added a strand of 20 ct multi colored lights ...pic before stain , but it was a popular item

My sweet familiar snuggled up on mommys face

Carmel hot cocoa care for a sip??
My Awesome new Belsnickle from my sister , hes a biggen.. I love him
My new snowman door painted by my sister Rachel

This is my favorite tree that I think I shall leave out year round


  1. Just read your comment on my blog. Glad you visited. I'm guessing that you either suffer from a genetic back problem or spinal injury. Let me know about it. I suffer too, it's a bit of both here. Spinal Arthritis(inherited from my mother), and Degenerative Disk Syndrome( my weight and inherited from my mother, and my old age). this all causes me to be constantly on my wonderful drugs and a loving heating pad I now call Herbert. Email me when you get the chance darlin.
    And thanks for stopping by my blog. *Smooches*

  2. Cute gifts. I used to always used to make my gifts. I hope to get back to that. Perhaps you have a kitty that knows where your pain is. My doggy will climb clear up to my neck and face when he is scared of something. He did this the day we brought him home. The last couple of days both dogs want to be on my lap all day long. I think they feel warm and safe there. So glad you are back to blogging.

  3. I am sure your sister loved her gifts, they are darling. I only have 2 brothers and one sister so we give gifts to each other. Both my brothers are married with kids so most of the gifts go to the kids. I love getting homemade gifts and sometimes I give them.
    I love a little tree in my livingroom that I leave up until spring. I have snowmen on it then add valentine's, st patrick;s and Easter decor on it. I love having the lights on in the cold winter nights. I also leave my snowmen out usually until I decorate for Easter too.
    Be blessed,

  4. Ooooo... I love those snowmen you did...but you knew that already. ;o) And that belsnickle is awesome! Hmmm....Leave a tree up? Well, since all of my Christmas is still up (except the ornaments on the main tree), I guess I do have one still up. Leave one up all year long? Well, not intentionally, but it's been known to happen. ;-) Smiles & Mini-marshmallow Hugs ~ Robin


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