Monday, January 11, 2016


This is what I wake to every Familiar Fudge and his daily dose of creepiness

* UPDATE : sorry for the delay I had this post scheduled for early this morning as usual however Time Warner in our area was out until 8 pm this evening so it did NOT post as scheduled  , my apologies

Good Monday morning to all! Today's blog post shall be a pictorial post. I hope this post finds you well and warm and that you enjoy ! Besides what I shared in pics , I did manage to do a lil housework this weekend of course that combined with leaving the house to go to lunch and the store required LOTS of  caution and medication, but it was nice to just "be up and out "  ! Wishing each of you a Magnificent Day and until we meet again...I'll always be ..just a lil raggedy ! Hugs
After being inspired by a dear friend on FB to not "just color" , I layed in bed Saturday Morning , colored pencils in hand and tried to take my coloring to the next level
Princess and  "Daddy" aka Mr Chuck , we went to Red Robin for lunch Saturday to celebrate Daddy's 40th Birthday which was on the 6th

after lunch we stopped at the store for a few groceries and Princess and Daddy surprised me with these new markers ...Hooray!! O wait , its because she doesn't want to share hers with me anymore  :(
I tried out my new markers on this page late Saturday Evening ...still need to fine tune my technique

Sunday morning was chilly and EXCITING! We got our first snow of the season , as you can see Princess and Fudge were quite mesmerized :)

HERE IT IS...ALL of it ! I know not much at all , expecting more this evening

SUNDAY DINNER , Princess and I rolled out a big ole mess of dumplings , we had chicken and dumplings , mashed taters for dinner was so yummy and perfect for an evening with below freezing temps
Fridays MRI went well, I had one with contrast , one without ...but I won't get the results until February 10 when I see the neurosurgeon again ...but I did  get this great souvenir , I know you're jealous :) ...they never seem to understand when I tell them that my veins are tiny and roll :(

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  1. I think your coloring, both with the pencils and the markers, is top-notch! I do love the new depth in your colored pencil one, but there's a lot to be said for a "flat" effect, too. I just don't think you can go wrong with your color sense.

    Hope the lab results will be good.


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