Thursday, January 21, 2016


SO ,so  sorry for the delay's been a circus around my homestead to say the very least ! The weekend was spent watching it snow ,  laying in bed like a bunch of bums , and the occasional attempt at small tasks to end the boredom . The Princess is still sick , just as I thought she was on the mend Monday afternoon she started getting very congested again and coughing non-stop so, Tuesday morning , back to the Dr. we went . The Dr . gave us new meds, if this  round does not "cure " her , the next step will be to see a pulmonary specialist at Children's Hospital! We are praying that we do NOT have to go that route! Dr. says this virus is nasty and its symptoms at times are  lasting up to a couple months...NOOOO , we are FED UP with it needs to go !
I did manage to stitch a lil while I was up with the Princess , I  added a few finishes to the hearts I shared previously,  they are for a sweet local couple , and are created as a tribute to his late mother with some of her costume jewelry ,my way of giving back ! I also used vintage lace, buttons, and doilies! 
After the Dr. Tuesday , we layed in bed and watched Netflix and I did my food inventory , monthly menu , and prepared my grocery list , which takes hours !
Wednesday the Princess was finally able to go back to school ~HOORAY! Wednesday also happened to be my day to do the grocery shopping for the month , yes I only shop once a month for all of our food, personal , and household needs , so after an hour and a half in the store ,I was absolutely exhausted, I had to come home and rest before picking up the Princess after school .  I made a brief post about my monthly shopping  on Facebook and after many questions I have decided to do a few posts here on my blog in the very near future , on my shopping habits.
 After school, we  had a surprise visit from our friends Jenn and Soph  and while the girls played , we moms chatted and caught up a lil on what's going on in our crazy worlds , GOOD TIMES ! Jenn also brought me many bags of fabric to create with  and a few bags of clothes , I'm so excited , because Jenn is super trendy and looks MARVELOUS all the time , she's one of those "girls" know the ones that could leave the house in a trash bag and still look FABULOUS AND OWN IT, I just LOVE her to pieces!!!
 I so needed clothes , thanks to all the meds, and laying around I struggle to find things that still fit in my closet and don't irritate my aching body , let alone look good and I suffer from the "typical mom syndrome" , you know the one where everyone else gets new stuff and you don't sweat going without , because it's just what we do if I can just get her to come back and  put my clothes together in my closet in "outfits" I might look good enough to go out in public !Shoot I might even start brushing my hair everyday , putting on make up  and getting out of my jammies more than once a week ! giggle, giggle ...Yea , that is probably expecting way too much!!!
Today (Thursday ) started out by oversleeping and missing the school bus ...OOOPS!  Thank goodness that Mr. Chuck has been coming up in the mornings to take Princess to the bus stop ,because he doesn't want her standing in the bitter cold waiting for the bus since she's already sick .
 Mr. Chuck , had overslept at his house this morning too , but managed to arrive pretty close to on time and we took Princess to school and made it just before the tardy bell ...whew... if he hadn't of shown up she would have had to stay home again ,as I don't have a vehicle to get her there ! So, today I'm extremely grateful for small miracles and kind folks! 
I'm hoping that I feel good enough tomorrow to do a lil light housework and maybe create something fun with the Princess ! Wishing each of you an Amazing weekend, for those of you in the path of the nasty winter storm moving in , you will be in my thoughts and prayers , stay safe and warm ! Until we meet again ...I'll always be ...just a lil raggedy ! hugs

I also decided to adorn a few homespun hearts , I haven't decided if I like them or what I 'm going to do with them just yet
My sleepy sick girl in mommy's bed ...sick or not you have got to laugh that she has to sleep with her mask on...such a DIVA!


  1. The elegant hearts are so pretty, and the homespun, too. I love the homespun!

    Hope your daughter continues on the mend, and I'm looking forward to reading about your monthly grocery shopping and how that works!

  2. What a nice thing to do as a tribute to someone. The hearts are so wonderful! Hope princess is doing better. Loved seeing her in her lil mask. Janice

  3. Hello! Glad we're following each other now!

  4. am green with envy at all the beautiful things you do I am sure you probably make princesses duvet cover as well it is beautiful

  5. I love all those hearts! Inspiring! I may have to go and make some now!


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