Monday, January 4, 2016



 I finally did it ...I made it back and on schedule too !!! I'm SUPER HAPPY  to be here , and though I love the speedy simplicity of Facebook , I just often felt that I was missing something....or someone , or maybe many :) . I also felt many times while posting to FB that I was "including too much info for FB" . Maybe I'm just crazy ( which we all know to be true ), or maybe I am just a blogger at heart , that needs a longer, more involved post to feel I've shared things properly , either way I am BACK and look forward to visiting your blogs and  catching up with each of you !
 Well 2015 came and went, and though I'd love to catch y'all up on the details, none of us have that kind of time , nor the attention span ! All I can say is this ....2015 was NOT exactly kind , however it was far from the worst, we SURVIVED  and continue to  STRIVE to take each day as it comes and make the very best of it that "we" can , and Look forward to positive changes in 2016 ! However,  if you are curious about anything specific or just really nosey lol .... please do NOT hesitate to ask me "whatever it may be "  in a comment or email me , I will respond ASAP! New Years Day  was spent putting the final touches on the party décor and making the cake , we also dined on an amazing dinner of balsamic pork loin , coleslaw, and pasta salad, followed up by an extra special RAZZLEBERRY  PIE ,  and LOTS of Princess snuggles  !
  With  the Happy New Year comes... a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Lil Princess! You aren't going to believe this but ...PRINCESS IS NOW 9!!!! YES 9 YEARS OLD !!! HOW ON EARTH DID THAT HAPPEN???? Seems like just yesterday we started this blogging journey  and she was only  2 1/2 years old...GASP...yes it has been that long !!! She has developed into quite the adorable( maybe I'm a lil partial ) , very independent , challenging, sarcastic , caring , sweet lil character ! Well for her Birthday she requested a "shopkins " party with 9 of her friends , I agreed. We turned to Pinterest for "pinspiration" however , regardless of their ever growing popularity , Shopkins Party Ideas were far and few between , so we just picked a few ideas we liked to start with and went from there with our own creative imaginations! Pretty much everything for the party was handmade by me , as funds are very , very limited and retail selection was virtually non-existent !
 So , this past Saturday Princess and 6 of her lil girlfriends spent  3 hours at our home having a BLAST!!! We had pizza, cake, ice cream , party games, coloring , free play time in the royal kingdom , and we even had a GLOW IN THE DARK DANCE PARTY!!! Everyone was begging to stay when their parents arrived , I'd say we were a success and my Princess was THRILLED with the outcome, after the party one of her bff's came back over for a sleepover , they stayed up really late and slept in way too long Sunday morning , guess I really do know how to throw a party , I wore them plum out !
 That sums up our New Years weekend , I hope each of you had a Super Holiday as well, and know just how much we Love our blog friends and how HAPPY we are to be back  ! I shall return  tomorrow( health cooperating )  to give you a lil update on my health and whatever else I can conjure up ....until we meet again ...Ill always be just a lil raggedy ...hugs

Princess before her Christmas Program at school

My homemade Shopkins cake, top half is chocolate bark over brownie , bottom is strawberry cake with homemade buttercream frosting




  1. Well, WELCOME BACK Girlfriend!!! Looks like we both have missed our blog life and felt the call back around the same time.... Glad to see you here "on the other side." Wow... Princess was only 2-1/2 when you started blogging?? Suddenly, I am beginning to feel old...'s great to have ya back.... Wishing you a wonderful new year ahead filled with magic, miracles...and a touch of good madness. ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Glad you are back. Happy New year to you and your princess!

  3. You are a special mom for sure.

  4. Sounds like a great party. My 5 year old granddaughter is all about shopkins too. Happy New Year!

  5. Welcome back to blogging! I too lost a lot of 2015 somehow. Opened a new business, worked way too many hours and generally got too busy and ended up sick. Lesson learned! Hope your 2016 is awesome!


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